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DELE Preparation Course






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The DELE – Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language –  are official qualifications certifying a degree of competence and mastery of Spanish, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport of Spain.

According to our experience, attending a DELE Preparation Course for 2-4 weeks once you have reached the level you want to take the DELE exam (through a Spanish Course in your country or with us) is the best way to prepare yourself for the exam.

With a pass rate of 99%, our DELE preparation course will provide you with the best information and practice exercises tailored to your level.

K2 Internacional is a member of the examination board of the DELE exams in Cádiz. We can inform you about the exam date, time and place, and also take care of all the paper work required in order to register. You can contact our course counselor or check out the official DELE website of the Cervantes Institute.

The course combines:

  • An Intensive 20 lessons/week course: For you to revise all competences.
  • 10 private lessons a week to prepare the exam: Each lesson will focus on each task of the exam so you can develop the necessary skills to perform well in every exam section and achieve the best total score.
  • A weekly simulation exam: Test yourself to see where you need to revise and hone your skills. Through first-hand experience of the questions you’ll encounter, you will improve your score, increase your confidence and feel fully prepared.
Details of the DELE Preparation Course:
  • Available: Year-round. *Ideally, the best date to take this course is between 2-4 weeks before the exam.
  • Lesson length: 4 lessons of 45 minutes + 10 private DELE lessons + 1 weekly simulation exam.
  • Length: Minimum 1 weeks.
  • Level: You should have a similar level to the exam you want to apply for.
  • Minimum age: 17.
Reasons to take this course:
  • You wish to obtain an international official diploma to prove your Spanish level.
  • You want to have competitive skills for your career path.
  • You want to work in a Spanish speaking country. Many companies use it as an objective measure of your language skills.

Price per week: 560 €