How will your Spanish course be?
After you enrol:

You will receive our Student Manual by email to help you organise your stay and find out more about both our school and the city.

On your first day before classes begin:

We will kindly ask you to come to the school a bit earlier on your first day at 8.30am so we can test your language level using a placement test and determine the most suitable class for you.

After the test, you will:

  • Have an interview with the head of studies who will talk to you about your schedule* and level, the city and the extra-curricular activities we offer. We will then show you the school, provide you Wi-fi password, the emergency number and other useful information.
  • Fill out a learning needs form so that we can understand your interests and reasons for learning Spanish and tailor your study plan according to your needs.

*Schedule: Classes take place either in the morning or in the afternoon depending on ability levels and student numbers.

In your first class:
  • You will be introduced to your teacher who will provide clear weekly objectives.
  • You will be given your book and class materials.
  • During your first break, we will introduce you to other students so you can get to know everybody.
  • After your first class, you will have another short interview with the head of studies to check how you got on and to confirm that your class suits your needs.
During your stay:
  • Your classes will take place from Monday to Friday *Except for private lessons where you choose the days of your classes.
  • Your teacher will regularly assess your language progress and offer recommendations to improve your level of Spanish throughout the course both inside and outside the classroom.
  • You will have a help desk office at your free disposal to assist you with any doubts or issues.
  • There will be weekly extra curricular activities that we highly recommend, to not only learn the language but also to explore the Spanish culture and engage in conversation with the locals, teachers and classmates.
  • You will have free access to our library with self-study materials such as books, magazines, movies, music and travel guides.
  • If you feel like having something to eat or drink, you will have free access to our kitchen or you can go with your fellow students to enjoy an coffee or orange juice from one of the many bars around the plaza right on our doorstep.
On your last day:
  • You will receive a progress report and a certificate of competence acquired.
  • We will provide you with didactic resources which you can use to continue studying Spanish back home.
  • We will give you a really big hug hoping that you have had a great experience and that you come back to visit us soon!