CCSE eksaminācijas centrs


K2 Internacional is an official Examination Centre for the CCSE exams in the city of Cadiz.

The 1st and 15th of October 2015 brought into force the following laws respectively:

The Law 12/2015, of the 24th June, for the granting of Spanish nationality to the Sephardic Jews with Spanish origins (on the 30th September 2015; the instruction of the 29th of September 2015, from the Management of Registers and Notaries, about the application of the law 12/2015, from the 24th June, with regards to the granting of Spanish nationality to the Sephardic Jews with Spanish origins, was brought into force)

The law 19/2015, from the 13th July, of measures of administrative reform in the Administration of Justice and Civil Registry area, which in its final ruling regulates the proceedings for the obtaining of Spanish nationality for residency.

Amongst other prerequisites, both laws require people to pass two tests designed and administered by the Cervantes Institute:

The test that accredits a basic knowledge of the Spanish language: Certificate of DELE Spanish level A2 or higher. People that are nationals of countries or territories where Spanish is the official language will be exempt from this test.

The test that accredits the knowledge of the Spanish Constitution and the social and cultural awareness: CCSE (Constitutional and Sociocultural Knowledge of Spain).

The CCSE test is aimed at all those that want to obtain Spanish nationality. Candidates from any nationality over 18 years of age and with legal capability to work are able to register for the CCSE test.

The test is made up of 5 tasks with a total of 25 questions, which must be answered in 45 minutes, and is written in the standard norm of the Spanish peninsular.

The test is organised into two large sections:

Government, legislation, and citizen participation in Spain (60% of the questions)
Culture, history, and Spanish society (40% of the questions)

The maximum mark that can be obtained in the CCSE exam is equal to the number of questions that it contains (25 marks). In order to pass the exam it is necessary to correctly answer 15 of the 25 questions, which means a pass mark of 60%.




If you would like to have more info about the Constitutional and Sociocultural knowledge of Spain test (CCSE), please, enter the offial website of the CCSE test where you will find out all the necessary information .