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The Spanish course COMBI 25 +5 combine 25 lessons of General Spanish in a group setting with 5 private lessons weekly. This course is appropriate for those students who wish to learn Spanish in a short period of time during their stay in Cádiz.

Taking this combination course allows you to enjoy a great discount on our private lessons which will help you lots to take your Spanish level to another step.

It follows the same structure as the Spanish general course Intensive 25 but you get one private daily class as well. The students who take part in private classes identify the topics and aspects they would like to cover each day, such as particular aspects of the language or grammatical structures. At other times, they will practice conversations which will help them to improve their level of expression and oral comprehension upon their individual request.

Details of the course:
  • Available: Year-round.
  • Lesson length: 4 group lessons of 45 minutes + 1 group conversation lesson of 50 minutes + 1 private lessons a day.
  • Length: Minimum 1 week.
  • Level: Complete Beginner to Advanced.
  • Start dates: Any Monday.
  • Class size: 8 *10 during high season. 1 student per each private lesson.
  • Minimum age: 17.
Reason to take a COMBI 25 +5 course:
  • Your level is between complete beginner and advanced (A1 to C2)
  • You want to improve your Spanish in a very short period of time.
  • You want to develop your fluency in everyday contexts.
  • You want to practice all general skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing in a communicative way.
  • You are planning to live or travel to a Spanish speaking country and want to prepare for your trip.
  • You want an extra class to improve your oral expression and comprehension.
  • You want an extra private lesson to study aspects of the language that you consider particularly useful.


Week(s) Price per week
1 – 4 370 €
5 – 11 340 €
12+ 325 €

* High season supplement (19.06.23 to 15.09.23): 35€ per week