DELE eksaminācijas centrs

From the year 2015, the Cervantes Institute has put its trust in K2 Internacional to organise the DELE exams (Spanish as a foreign language), thus accrediting it as the DELE Examination Centre in Cádiz province. This recognition marks a huge leap forward for our centre and it is the reward for the long process of searching for educational excellence of Spanish as a foreign language; which has been going on since K2 Internacional first opened its doors in 2001.
Exam preparation.
K2 Internacional offers DELE Preparation courses, which are the best way to guarantee that you pass. This course provides you with all the information and practice that you need to ensure that you work correctly towards the level of exam that you wish to take.
Advice and registration.
The DELE exams come in 6 different levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). For this reason we encourage you to contact us before registering so that we can advise you free of charge about which level you should take.
The registration for the exam is through an online form. Contact us in case you need any help.